Books or eBooks I found valuable when doing my daily job. I read them or they are on the top of my "must read" list.

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Design It!
From Programmer to Software Architect (The Pragmatic Programmers) 1st Edition

This book is for anyone who has ever stood at a whiteboard and sketched boxes and lines while trying to answer tough questions. If you’re completely new to software architecture design, then this book is the perfect introduction. We’ll start with the basics and work our way through the core fundamentals you need to know to be an amazing software architect.

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Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - 2nd Edition
(MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) second edition

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs has had a dramatic impact on computer science curricula over the past decade. This long-awaited revision contains changes throughout the text. There are new implementations of most of the major programming systems in the book, including the interpreters and compilers, and the authors have incorporated many small changes that reflect their experience teaching the course at MIT since the first edition was published.

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Elegant Objects (Volume 2) 1.0 Edition

TL;DR Compound variable names, validators, private static literals, configurable objects, inheritance, annotations, MVC, dependency injection containers, reflection, ORM and even algorithms are our enemies.

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Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software 1st Edition

Domain-Driven Design, by Eric Evans, known affectionately as “the blue book”, provides a broad framework for making design decisions and a vocabulary for discussing domain design.

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Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design 1st Edition

This book presents the philosophy of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in a down-to-earth and practical manner for experienced developers building applications for complex domains.

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Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) 1st Edition

Ruby’s widely admired ease of use has a downside: Too many Ruby and Rails applications have been created without concern for their long-term maintenance or evolution. The Web is awash in Ruby code that is now virtually impossible to change or extend. This text helps you solve that problem by using powerful real-world object-oriented design techniques, which it thoroughly explains using simple and practical Ruby examples.

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The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups

The author of The Talent Code unlocks the secrets of highly successful groups and provides tomorrow's leaders with the tools to build a cohesive, motivated culture.

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Introducing EventStorming

At first look, EventStorming is deceptively simple: just have a long paper roll available, and a virtually unlimited stock of coloured sticky notes and start modelling problems that looked too big to be modelled. But the ability to visually mastering large scale complexity opens the way to many interesting outcomes.

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